Come FLIP & TWIST at TUMBLING BOULDERS. Recreational Fun and Competitive Power Tumbling and Trampoline is jumping into the West Coast! Jillian Dworak is a retired Multi-National Champion, was an Elite Team Member in the USTA. Multi AAU Gold medal Jr. Olympian. National and Jr. Olympic Syncro Trampolinist. She spent a competitive decade in the sport of Power Tumbling and Trampoline. Her love for this sport exudes when coaching young athletes who want to learn the art of Tumbling and Trampoline’s. The skills learned can be used in many other sports such as Cheerleading, Dancing, Diving, Football, and soccer just to name a few. She is a single mom of two girls. She is also a Group Fitness Instructor an AFAA certified Personal Trainer for over 8 years. She holds an Associates Degree from Illinois Central College in Applied Sciences and a Bachelor of Sociology from West Virginia University. Tumbling Boulder’s National Team Competes under the United States Tumbling Association. www.usta1.org The athlete’s in her gym will also be able to become members of the Amateur Athletic Union and have the ability to reach Jr. Olympic competition level. The Goal for Coach Jill is to find that most dedicated Athlete that has the Talent and Mind set for the opportunity to reach Olympic level in the sport of Power Tumbling and Trampoline.

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Phone: 702-610-8684

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